Advanced forms in JavaScript

The latest stable version is ; you will find it at github.

ajja is a MIT licensed library, written in JavaScript, to build forms and collections from JSON data directly in the browser.

The name ajja is an Hebrew firstname and also abbreviates the basics of this library: ajax and javascript.

For most developers, building forms is a bothersome, boring and mostly repeating task. ajja makes building forms flexible and almost fun. It renders forms in the browser based on a simple JSON datastructure, using advanced technology like HandlebarsJS and KnockoutJS. Field types may be inferred from the data you provide and form fields are saved automatically to the server.

As a developer, all you have to do is include the sources (see Installation) and write some JavaScript code:

var form = new ajja.Form('form', {save_url: 'save'});
    {'firstname': 'Robert', 'is_child': true},
    {'firstname': {'label': 'Name'}, 'is_child': {'label': 'Child?'}}